Zoho One Guideline|ZS-Global Work Platform

Zoho one suite is the only work platform for zs-global, we officially require you to use zoho one cloud to process your CRM, Inventory, Accounting and others.

Login in zoho one:

APPs we can used in zoho one

App Name description who can use options
Zoho CRM Customer Management System Salesperson Mandatory
Zoho Inventory Inventroy Management system Salesperson, admin, warehouse staff Mandatory
Zoho Books Quotes, orders, Invoice,Credit, Expense, purchase system salesperson accountant Mandatory
work drive online file management system for team All Mandatory
zoho mail Mail managementsystem ALL options
zoho sheet excel in zoho one ALL options
zoho writer DOC in zoho one ALL options
zoho social All-in-one social media management software. ALL options
Zoho show ppt ALL options
Zoho SalesIQ live chat with customer ALL options
Zoho Survey online survey or questionnaires ALL options
Zoho Campaign Special email marketing software ALL options.
ALL zoho softwares we can use