Zoho Books

Zoho books is accounting plus Zoho inventory, by default some functions in Zoho inventory is disabled, we can also enable if if necessary, the functions including:

  • All functions in Zoho inventory
  • Sales Estimate(Quotes)
  • Banking
  • Expense
  • Tax Handle
  • Finance Report

The Sales Team and Accountant and Admin in ZS Global need to use Zoho Books

Zoho Books for sales person

I assumed all sales person who read this guideline know general process of selling from quotes –>Order–>Invoice–>Bill, so I just explain you some thing what is possibly different with other system you used for quick start.

Customer Creation: you don’t need to create any customers, your Accounts and contacts will by automatically synced from zoho crm and inventory .

Customer Credit Limit

once we approved a credit limit for customer, Accountant need to set credit limit for this customer, otherwise no order or invoice can be issued.

Due Date :

when issue an order, sales/accountant/admin need to choose a Due date, by default, this order/invoice need to paid immediately.

Due Date can also be added in invoice stage.

Credit Note is a document issued by a vendor to a customer when goods are returned to the vendor after a sale. This can happen due to reasons like the goods being damaged or not satisfactory. The credit note is created for the value of the goods returned. For more information please see also.

Estimates (Quotes): Zoho Books use Estimates for Quotes we generally use, just pay attention to that.

Offer discount to a customer

Frequently we need to give a discount to a customer for some reason, but in order to keep our bottom price secret or bind customer for future booking, give discount based on the following steps.

  • Order your customer

This order have no any discount items and all price is our system price.

  • give customer a credit note

Give a credit note to customer, this can use in next order or simply refund.

  • Credit note refund or apply to invice

Accountant can apply credit note to invoice or refund to customer based on negotiation with customer.

but I think this a good ways to bind customer let the use credit notes in future order. for exaple, customer want to get a better price by purchaing us 5 jobs once. but today he can only use 1 jobs. if we can get some credit notes, that will secure our following four jobs.

create a portal of zoho book to customers.

for regular deal customer, we can create a portal of zoho book for this customer, then he can login in and check he order, invoice , statement and credit notes at any time.

Go to customers->more->Configure Client Portal

will be added in the future.