URE warranty for solar panel

URE warranty12 years of product warranty and 25 years of performance warranty.

Our product warranty is just a simple replacement which include all of the related components and Labour, that is so easy for you, we completely understand that you have no any idea about this new technology and you are really the consumer who support new energy and have environment awareness, and is looking for new solutions to save your energy cost for longevity.

Our performance warranty guarantee your yield at 97% in the first year after installation, then dropping by less than 0.7% each year to 25 years, and eventually make sure your solar system will still be outputting at least 80% after all your warranty  expired, this is how URE guarantee the total energy you can get in that long period.

In addition, This is our global warranty solution, and we are 100% sure this warranty can cover all your risk, this warranty is also similar with all of famous solar panel providers from German and China, we also notice that some providers offer Australian 15-year or 18-year product warranty to make they are a little bit different to attract market, or make them a little bit premier, but we will never use paper work to upgrade us.  but instead of expending warranty,  we really suggest you  choose to use our third party insurance ( Munich insurance )which is the No.1 insurance company from German if you insist our standard warranty is not enough,  all of our solar panel can be insured, please contact us to help  if you want.

URE Warranty Claim from our Australia entity

Fro better service, any problems you have about product or installation, your first option is contacting your installer who can help you on not only roof maintain but also replacement. But if your installer has quit this business or any reason you cannot contact them please just contact us. Let us know the problems and serial numbers of product you installed, we will assign a electrician to help on testing and replacement very soon.