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FFrequently Asked Questions

For residential, your payback time is generally 3-5 years,  our standard warranty is completely enough to cover all your risk, and solar industry is developing very fast,  and the cost is going down every year, it’s possible that you will upgrade it to more premier system in 5 years later.

for commercial,  your payback time is generally 7-8 years,  and the initial investment is huge, our standard product warranty can also cover all your risk, but I suggest you should upgrade a Munich insurance for any possible risk for you.

Solar panels looks very easy to manufacture, even by DIY, you can also hand-make a solar panel which can generate electricity as well, the material you can see is also normal, but if you need to challenge a 25-year life time, that is not easy !  All of the materials we used  are highest level product, all processing need to be well controlled, as a result, the cost for manufacturing a panel are very different, then the market price is also very different.

We design the solar panel for 25 years, but nobody finish a 25 years test in all of the world, so nobody can prove you solar panel can be used for 25 years, just like you giving a birth of baby, you and your doctor did everything the best to make sure it’s a very healthy baby, but you have no way to  control its lifetime, so we use warranty and insurance to support consumers.

  1. URE Australia warranty program is the same as our global solution, we are very confident that can cover all of the risk for our customer;
  2. All of  panel manufacturers  who is the same level as US  offer customer 10-year or 12-year warranty;

Black frame looks premier but silver looks just normal;

  1. based on my experience,  if your roof is dark color, black frame is better, but if your roof is light color, suggest you should use silver frame.
  2.  Technically speaking, silver is the original color of solar panel frame, Anodizing can protect it for a long time, black frame is just painting,  because the frame is covered by black painting, so possibly the frame is not be processed by anodizing.
  3. with time going, when it is dirty by dust or bird shit, black background is more obvious, just like your car;
  4. because black frame is painted, so with time going, if the paint in some area go off, it should looks ugly.

it is your time to make decision.

Generally we  make decision about our system capacity based on  :

  1. your roof size; 
  2. general usage of electricity per month;
  3. and how much you can pay?

but for residential, I suggest you should install as many as you can, because you can collect STC and VIC rebate,  your payback time is only 1-3 year;  this should be the best investment in Australia.

For commercial roof, I suggest you should ask for professional consultant to calculate for you carefully.

kW is a unit of electrical energy, 1kW(kilowatt)=1000watts

kWh is a measure of how much energy you use in one hour as refer to “kW.h”;

if your suburb is frequently off power,  suggest you should buy a battery to make sure your essential supply of power.or if you are environment-awareness, and battery system is affordable for you, i also suggest you should install;

 Base on Rate of Investment, in Australia, the payback time is generally  10 years and the general warranty for battery is also 10 years.

about how many kWh I should buy?  depends on:

     1.  how long will it take to recover power if your energy is off? 2. how many essential energy you need per day? 

      for example:  generally it will take 3 days to recover power,  and refrigerator(2kWh/day) and lightning(0.5kWh/day) is essential for me so for 3 days, totally I need 3*(2+0.5)=7.5 kWh, so your battery capacity should be bigger than 7.5 kWh can meet your requirement;

 this is a generally calculation of battery capacity, suggest you should use a professional consultant to help you  or you can also leave message to us for help.