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Taiwan URE

Taiwan URE:No.1 Solar panel and battery manufacturer

As the first company of researching and developing PERC technology,URE has:

  •  A total production capacity of 2.5GW of PERC solar cells  and  over 1.8GW solar panels;
  • More than 3000 staffs to work on technique innovation, Quality control, manufacturing and global marketing and customer support;
  •   7.4% of its revenue  invested in research and development of new technology to make sure we are always leading the industry.

Long History since 2005

URE is a union  of 3 Taiwan leading brands of Neo Solar Power,Gintech Energy and Solartech, since establish of Neo solar power in 2005, it has been 15 years history. we have experienced the rapid development  of solar  energy and overcame sort of crisis happened in the past 15 years,  so we are now  exactly knowing how to develop our business long term and how to support our customers to win market and future.

Taiwan URE history
Taiwan URE tier1

Bloomberg Tier 1 and Bankable

       Tier 1 manufacturers are usually the companies in the quarterly Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) PV Market Outlook sorted according to their annual module production capacity in MW/year. The different brands in this list are marked by BNEF as “bankable” meaning they have their own products, factories, and their products were used on Megawatt-size projects. They are also not in the insolvency process and are not facing any other serious financial difficulties.  in other words, the Tier 1 list is focused on bankability, the financial aspect of each company. 

 To make sure that Tier 1 companies utilize high quality products with state-of-art technology, I suggest customer  must consider other factors as well for example: technology, production capability, R&D, strategy, history, pricing, service, and support to make the final choice.

About Bloomberg Tier 1, please visit here for more information.

Global network

     To support global consumers, URE have established its own global  network for production, marketing and local support.

  • Taiwan URE factory in Vietnam to support customers from the United State of America;
  • Taiwan URE factory in Thailand to support customers from both of America and India;
  • Taiwan URE factory in China to support customers from Euro, Australia and other regions
  • Taiwan URE factory in Taiwan to support Taiwan local market and other regions;
  • Taiwan URE Innovation center in Taiwan for new technology developments;
  • Taiwan URE branch office in America, German and Australia for local marketing and local customer support.



Taiwan URE flag

Government Fund

To support development and innovation of new energy in Taiwan, Taiwan government funded new energy industry in 2018 including invest solar projects in Taiwan and support companies who have strong innovation that why regroup URE(United Renewable Energy by Neo Solar Power , Gintech, and solartech) see more.

Taiwan Engineering and Australia customized

Every country have their own different climate condition, government policy  and so on, to meet these different requirement we need to design, manufacture  our solar panel accordingly.

For Australia, 1. ) All the states are near the ocean, so air are very salty; 2.) in summer, it’s very hot, the temperature is possible to be 45℃ above;  so panel is possible to be very hot; 3.) Australia have lots of birds and trees, so anti-hotspot is most important in Australia; 4) All most of the solar system in Australia are install on top of roof,  so to be safe  is even more important than payback. 5.)lastly, CEC have special policy to organise the market and help Australian, we need to meet all these policy and Australia Consumer Law.

so we need to design, manufacture our solar panels specially for Australian to make sure it won’t cause any trouble for consumers in Australia.

Taiwan URE earth
Taiwan URE quality

Best Quality Asurrance

Quality control you cannot see, but that is very important for you, even best design, best processing cannot make sure the product you buy is 100% qualified, URE will try their best to make it  near 100% qualified, we we are doing as:

  1. Quality control of original materials, we won’t always change our material suppliers for cost control, every materials need to be proven is acceptable by our quality control team before we start to try  small cases, so all of the materials for you products are quality-proven;

  2. Step-inspection when processing by real human or auto inspection device proven. solar panel manufacturing looks easy, but any steps we make a small mistake is possible to cause a big problem in 10 years later, so step-inspections are very important which you cannot see.
  3. URE make sure every piece of panel is EL tested, EL test is just a X-ray camera to check any part of your body);
  4. Inspection check before delivery, the operation of delivery is possible to cause some damage of solar panels you cannot even see that, URE inspection will make sure all panels you get are qualified.

Local Support

We exactly know a solar system is not a small investment for a family, and it will take a few years for payback, and the labors in Australia is super expensive, so local support are always important, any problems ,customer can mail or phone our local support team for help, Taiwan URE promises any problem will be resolved in a single day.

Munich RE Insurance

Taiwan URE solar panels can be insured by third party insurance company name “Munich RE  Insurance “, except our standard warranty program for global consumers.