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In Australia, we mainly promote the following panels which are designed for Australia 

For panels you are looking for are not listed, please visit our headquarter or local distributor for help.

URE warranty
ure panel


F2M330H7A / 120 cells
Mono-Crystalline PV Module


 Weight: 19.5KG

       Half-cutting  cell technology offers improved performance and durability. Because of the lower resistance, the performance improved a few of percentage, and because the size of solar cell is smaller,  the panel is more physical durable than traditional design. And lastly the half-cutting panel has higher shade tolerance, because we we string only 60 pieces of half-cut cells together, any shade in a single piece of solar cell wont have a impact on another string of half-cut solar cells.

You can use URE panel 330w for a 6.6KW solar system by 20 pieces panels, this should be the best design for the residential roof.

ure panel 370w


FAK370E7C / 120 cells and 9 Bus bars
Mono-Crystalline PV Module


Weight: 20.5KG

         Except all advantage from half-cutting technology,  This panel use the 9BB technology and the solar cells are bigger than normal,  9BB technology offers:

  1. Bigger receiving area,because the ribbons is thinner ;
  2. Less space between bus bars, so the internal resistance is lower, we can get a few more output performance;
  3. Lower installation cost, the same land, and same installation cost, we can get more installed capacity.

It’s designed for premier 6.6KW solar system by only 18 pieces URE panels

ure panel 390w


F2M390H8A / 144 cells
Mono-Crystalline PV Module

Dimensions(mm):2008*1002*40         Weight: 22.5KG

        it has the same performance as “URE PANEL 330W”, Just the dimension is bigger.

         it is designed for commercial but that is also compatible for residential usage, you can use  390w for a perfect 6.6KW solar system by only 17 pieces of panel.

         The performance of 390W panel is the peak for the same size panel in solar industry, generally for every generation of solar panel, the peak performance means the best.

ure panel 370w


FAK450E8C / 144 cells
Mono-Crystalline PV Module

Dimensions(mm):2115*1052*35         Weight: 24.5KG

       This panel have the same performance as “URE PREMIER 370W”. just the dimension is bigger.

       it is designed for commercial utility , 450W panels are the top performance for  current technology with same cell size, as a result, for the same area, we can install more panel for the best total performance, and lowest installation cost.

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