Sales Strategy

 In order to let you clearly know who is your customers and what business you can do, what price you can offer, i draft this guideline for reference.

Your business target is persuading Solar wholesaler, re-seller, and retailer  to work together with us to prompt our brands:

  • “Solar Wholesaler” is a company whose job is spreading products and prompting brand image in an appointed area.
  • “Re-sellers” are Some individuals in this market who have strong customer base and they did not run one company and are willing to work on our platform to work for commission
  • “Retailer” are Some companies or individuals who directly develop end customers or supply any service to end customers;

Firstly cooperation with qualified wholesaler

  1. 2-3 wholesalers in every city who we think they are qualified to work together with us;
  2. Book at least 1 container once and can be expected periodically book based on our assessment;
  3. The distance between each other is at least generally 1 hour drive to geographically make sure they wont have same customer base;
  4. Additionally try your best to offer these wholesalers different type of solar panels;
  5. Chosen Wholesaler can be replaced if their performance cannot meet our plan;

NOTICE :About who is qualified wholesaler and what price we can do, I will make decision case by case, sales cannot make last decision about this type of business.

Develop “re-Sellers” and “Retailer”

in order to promote our products you need to be always hungry to develop “re-sellers” and “retailer”, but please pay attention to :

  • only offer official materials for customers if customer have no account in our CRM system;
  • Offer special information based on customer requirement and zs-global’s related policy and promotion plans.
  • Officially offer customer credit according to customer credit from insurance company.
  • Negotiate unit price above our bottom line.
  • provide reasonable commission to “re-seller” case by case;
  • Payment Collection;

NOTICE: Providing credit without permission from insurance company or expand the credit to higher level to customer is possible,and but need to confirmed by me;

For market price, ZS-GLOBAL will define 4 different price guideline for different business and customers, “Official Price”, “Negotiable Price”, “Bottom Price” “Adjustable price”.

“Official Price” are price we defined for officially using, you are allowed without permission to pass it every where, “Negotiable Price” are used for wholesaler, we need to negotiate case by case for big quantity or long-term; “Bottom Price” is the price I will update it to sales team periodically based on our cost and market situation for “re-selling” and “retailing” market, and sales are not allowed to sale our product with a lower price than bottom price before we officially adjusting bottom price down; “adjustable price” is a suggested price for reselling and retailing market, you are allowed to decide price to you customers who is in your customer list, you can offer a price to retailer/re-seller according to quantity, payment term, shipping term, warranty and so on.

For “Bottom price” will be updated according to cost and market situation periodically, please see official announcement; for “Adjustable Price”, I suggested to negotiable with customer based on the following situation.