Sales Performance Guideline

ZS global respect any effort your made for developing our company business in Australia, so the more quantity you sell, the more commission you will get, and the higher deal price you made, the more extra commission you will get, you can see the following guideline to estimate your possible salary and understand what you should strive to do to increase your income

Wholesale Commission

For wholesaling market, please see sales Strategy for business coverage, you can get 5‰ commission which we call it “wholesale commission” based on your wholesaling turnover.

Retail Commission

Retail Commission defined for re-selling and retailing market,please see sales strategy for business coverage, will be calculated based on your monthly turnover and your gross rate of profit.

Turnover Commission

this part of commission calculated based on your turnover for retailing market, have nothing with profit, any orders approved by zs-global will be valid.

Bonus Commission

Higher gross profit rate than the bottom profit rate will generate Bonus Commission the higher goss profit rate, the higher bonus Commission.

Monthly Income

your basic Salary which is the offer you get by your offer if your total commission is lower than your basic Salary .

For example your basic Salary is $3000, and your monthly Comission(Wholesaling Commission+Turnover Commission + Bonus Commission) is 2000. then your income of this month will be $3000.


your total Commission which is the total of Wholesaling Commission+Turnover Commission + Bonus Commission.

For example your basic Salary is $3000, and total commission si $10000, then you income of this month is $10000

Payment of your income

Lastly this designed model is possible to be updated at any time to be more reasonable along with market movement, but no mater how to update, our principle will be the same “ your income will be proportional to your effort.

Salary Demo

in case cost is 0.35/W average price you sell is from 0.37/W to 0.4/W, and you sell 2MW for that month your percentage of commission will be the right table.

demo ercentage of commission

your income

Sales Demo 2

based on current market situation, our cost is near 0.35 and the lowest market price should around 0.38, based on 0.35 and 0.38,and  different turnover, your commission percentage and monthly income will be near