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Solar Products

Solar panels

Solar panel is the most important components in solar system, which transfer the energy sunlight directly into DC electricity.

back side

  1. pane label: you can get panel basic information;
  2. Connector: used for string panel together and co nnect to other components
  3. Junction Box: the box connected to solar cells;
  4. Back Sheet: the white area you can see;
  5. Frame: Black Frame or Silver Frame

Front Side:

Different types of Panel

60 Full cells mono Panel

The solar cells Type is Mono and 60 pieces of Full cells is Used to string together.

120 half cut cells mono Panels

60 pieces of cells are cut to half for 120 pieces of half cut cells ,and the solar cell type is Mono, and string 60 pieces of cells tighter to make 2 strings on a panel.

The above 2 type of panel we generally class them to small size panel and mainly used for residential roof case in australia, and we can also use Multi solar cells to replace the mono cells in side, but currently that is not popular in Australia, so we won’t list it here.

144 half cut cells mono panels

72 pieces of mono solar cells are cut into 144 pieces and string 72 pieces of half cut cells together to group a string, as a result, in a single panels we will get 2 of 72-cell string.

72 Full cells Mono Solar panel

72 pieces of solar cell are string together to make a single solar panel.

The above 2 type of solar panel have bigger size and weight, generally we used them for commercial case, we can also use Multi cells to replace mono solar cells, but Multi cells currently are not popular in our industry, so I won’t list it here.

And in Australia you are possible to see singled panel (overlapped design) and other special solar panels which we won’t offer in the market, you can google more knowledge by “singled Solar panel” or “sunpower solar panel” or “LG Solar panel” or “Dual Glass Solar Panel” or “HTJ Solar panel” .

Data sheet of Solar Panel

For every type of Solar panel from different Brand, you can get a documents named Data Sheet, in Australia some basic information is very important and you will be frequent asked by your customer, you need always to keep that in your mind.


ModelName: for example F2M330H7A is one of model name in this serials this is very important you need to use everyday.

Performance: for example 330 =330W this tell you this panel ‘s performance is 330W, you also need to use every day.

Dimension and Weight: every day you need to explain to you customer

Connector Type : so you can exactly know how to connect your panel with other component.
Warranty: how many year warranty, for example, from this data sheet we offer 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty.

you know all these information, you can start to work, and I am sure 99% of your customer are only know these information.

and more:
Package information, and original production country, you also need pay attention.

You can always get data sheet from our website

Popular Brand of Solar panels

Brand Descriptions
Sunpower Premier, but not popular , too expensive
LGPremier but not Popular, Too expensive
Q-CellMid-Premier German Brand and made in China
WanicoMid-Premier from Taiwan, famous in Australia
LongiWorld No 1 Solar brand
Canadian SolarFamous brand from China
TrinaFamous Brand From China
SerephimFamous Brand From China
JinkoWorld no 1 panel brand
URETaiwan No’1 panel Brand
AleoGerman Brand, very Small
Risen China Brand
Chint China Brand
There are lots of brand, but these brand, in Australia market are very famous, you will award be asked to compare, you need to know some general information about these company, you can google or ask me for simple.


Inverter is another very important component for the solar system, it is used for transfer DC generated by panel to AC, as a result, it can be used to power your home or just feed-in grid.

Generally we need pair the Solar panel performance and Inverter performance , for example if I install 5KW totally solar panel on my roof, I need a inverter of 5KW to mach solar panel output, but generally the output performance of solar system are not stable because sun light are always out of control of us, based our experience, generally Inverter performance *1.3 should mach solar panel out put performance. for example, in Australia, we generally mach a 5KW inverter by 6.6KW solar panels.

Important Technical information for Inverter you need to know

PerformanceHow many kW you can get from model generally
Model Typevery important, you will be asked every day.
MPPT2 MPPT mean you can put panel in 2 directions
String in one MPPT2 String, mean you can install 2 string of panel in the same direction.
Phase Single Phase for 220V residential solar system, and 3 phase for 380V commercial solar system
DC isolator include if DC isolator doesn’t included, we need to suggest installer to install DC isolator by themselves , otherwise, don’t need to install DC isolator separately.
WarrantyGenerally 5+5 stand for 5-year free replacement with labor and extra 5-year component free without Labor, and 10-year Full warranty.
Original Production
All these information you can get from Data Sheet and you need be always familiar with them, please get data sheet from our website of from supplier’s website.

Inverter brand overview.

Inverter brandDescription
FroniusPremier, expensive, but lots of Australian want to use, Euro Brand.
Solar edgePremier Expensive, Euro Brand
DeltaTaiwan Brand, have good name, but not popular
SMAGood Inverter, have good name, and popular in Australia
HuaweiGood Inverter, popular in Australia
SungrowMassive inverter, World No’1 inverter brand, popular in Australia
GoodweMassive Inverter, popular in Australia, best 5 brand in China
GrowattMassive Inverter, cheap, and popular in Australia, best 5 brands in China
SoliseMassive Inverter, Cheep, acceptable in Australia, best 5 brand in China
SAJnot popular, best 5 brands in China
ApsystemsMicro inverter(one -four panels used one inverter), premier but very expensive, not popular in Australia.
For the inverter we sell, please visit our website for data sheet for other you can google brand name to search.


battery is used for saving extra energy from solar system or from grid when the electricity rate is very low (specially in the mid night), to make sure battery can work together with your solar system, and grid net work, we need a Hybrid inverter, please see inverter paragraph for detail.

3 cases to use battery:

  1. 1. All-in-one Battery+hybrid, single box include Battry and bybrid inverter inside. generally for premier customer;
  2. 2.hybrid inverter plus battery which can communicate with your inverter;
  3. 3.for existent only solar system, Battery and EMS(energy Management system Box)which can talk with your inverter, your battery and meter to smart manage your energy system.

for us, please see website for battery.

Mounting System

Mounting system include Rails and Mounting Kits and other possible components, used to mount solar panel on roof


  1. length : generally 4.2 meter, designed for 4 panels,
  2. Weight/Meter: you cannot see the difference, but different
  3. Anodisation:you cannot see the difference, but different

our target price will be challenged by customer for rail, you can use the difference of W/M and Anodisation process to challenge you customer make your professional.

Mounting KIT


Tin KIT is a collection of Mounting components that are popular for Tin roof.

Tin kit generally include : L-Feet, End Clamps, Mid-Clamps, Earth Cable Lug and Earth Clips. please check detail from website.

Tile KIT

Tile Kit is collection of Mounting components for Tile roof like this picture,

include generally Tile-Hook, End Clamps, Mid Clamps,, earth cable lug, earth clips and others please check from our website for detail

Tilt Kit

Tilt Kit is collections so mounting components for roof we need an angle like the right picture.

include generally Tile Legs, End Clamps, Mid Clamps, Earth Cable Lug, Earth Clips and others, please visit website for detail.

for Mounting system, the above Rail and Kits are most popular for regular solar system, we generally offer rails and kits based on panel quantity and roof type:

2 Panes we need to offer 1 rail,

6 panels we Need to offer one 1.5KW KIT or one 6-panel kit

8 panels we need to offer one 2kw Kits or/one 8-panel KIT.

Other Components

Generally the above mounting components are enough for a solar system, but occasionally your customers are possible to book more L-Feet, TILE Hook and Clip Locker 406/700 accordingly, please visit website for detail.

if you have been familiar with all these mounting staffs, you can finish 99% of residential cases by yourself, for other complicated case, i can train you case by case.

Electricals you need to know for solar systems

for a solar system, generally we need DC Isolator and Cover , AC isolator, AC Breaker, and Label kits, we can offer customer one by one, we can also group a kit if customer need regular solar system, for example 6.6KW.

DC Isolator

Dc isolator is used to switch on / of DC for safe operation. generally for a string of solar panel, we need to install one near the panel string, and another one near inverter, and because the one near panel we need to install it on the roof, we need use a Cover on the isolator.

For 6.6KW system, generally we have 2 strings of solar panel, so we need 2 DC isolator and 2 cover on the roof. and 2 DC isolators near inverter(if inverter have no DC isolator inside)

For residential, generally we use 1000V DC isolator 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p is the same.

For commercial generally we use 1200V DC Isolator 1p, 2p, 3p, 4p, is the same.

AC Isolator and AC

AC Isolator is used to switch on/off AC for safe operation, we need to install one piece of AC Isolator on AC side of Inverter.

no matter how many string of DC for residential, after inverting, it will be integrated into one-way AC, so we only need 1 AC Isolator near the inverter.

for residential we need use 240V Isolator, and for comercial we need to use 380-440V isolator.

AC Breaker

AC breaker in stalled in the electrical control box. one piece for one system.

for single phase, we generally use 1p 25A, 1p 32A, for 3 phase, we generally use 3 port 25A and 3p 32A.

Label KIT

We have other electrical products like DC cables 4D and 6D and switch locker or switch dog, that won’t be used in a solar system, and the customers are always electricians , I won’t list them here.

and for the above electrics, we are used to group them for a KIT for regular solar system as:

4 DC Isolators+2 DC isolator cover+1 AC isolator + 1 AC breaker+ 1 Label KIT.

Solar System