Customer Managerment Policy

In order to make sure All customers are well managed, and provide more professional customer service, we simply setup the following rule for Sale team to follow:

We firstly defined the companies/individuals who work in solar industry and is possible to have business with us as customer, for example distributor/wholesaler, installer/retailer and EPC related companies/individuals.

USE CRM system

You are forced to use our CRM system to develop /maintain your customer, The updating of CRM is the only resource for me to evaluate your general performance.

Important Customer information

The following informaiton is very important, you are forced to update these information in your daily work.

Customer informationDescriptionNotes
Basic Contact informationName, Address, Mail, phone, Address etcSales need to fully record these information
NotesCantact notesNotes are very important for us
ActivitiesTask, Schedule call or meetingSuggest only use task
Regin of OpereationCustomizedFor future filter, please record as you have
Company type Wholesaler/Retailer/Installer/Distributer etcFor future filter, please record as you have
Company siteHome/single office/single office+warehouse/multi warehousefor future filter, please record as you have.
RatingPremier/Good/Normal/Nonejust rank customer base on if valuable for us.

One Customer one spokeman

You must make sure the customer you are going to develop is in our CRM system and under your name, and Customer company name must be the full name to make sure no duplication.

As a result, 1) You are the only spokeman to this customer, any other staffs to offer sales-related informatin or marterials are prohibited; 2) your expense for visiting or gift to this cusotmer can be accepted by zs-global ;

Customer Reassign

SALESTEAM members must be always hungry to develop new customer and maintain the customers in your list, other wise, in the following cases your customers are possible to be reassigned.

No cantacting records include notes, mail, no task, no calls for 3 months(90 days), this customer will be automatically reassign to others. ( l will list the filters in zoho CRM to help you understand how i make decision about which one is no cantacted customer)

Contacted Customer but no any deals for 3 months(90 days), I will talk with you about reassigment of this customer to other, you can get another 3 months to work this customer if you want to continue.

Contacted Customers but no any deals for 6 months(180 days), This customer will be automatically assign to others.

Sales resign

Any one in Sales team quit/resign are obliged to hand over work, and introduce customers in his list to others based on ZS GLOBAL assignment.

Filters to decide if a customer is contacted or not

It is possible that I will use the right filters to check if a customer is contacted or not in our sytem for a few month,so when you work on a customer/lead, please update information.