the softwares from zoho one



Zoho mail Zoho Mail a suggested mail platform for mail management, there are lots of mail platform like google, outlook and others we used to use, and Zoho mail also work the same way, but we use Zoho one for our only-one office work platform, so suggest to use Zoho mail to start your work …

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zoho drive Zoho Work Drive is an integration of online and offline file management system, the benefits we can get: Automatically Sync your online files to offline Automatically Sync your offline files to online share with your team members visit any platform and any place Please download plug-in to to start use Zoho work Drive



Zoho Inventory Zoho Inventory designed for management of inventory of your organisation for fast business, so any actions you can do about inventory by Zoho inventory, including: Item creating one by one or creating by group item compositing for group sell Price list from Items and customer; inventory adjustmentsZS Inventory transfer between different Warehouse locations …

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Zoho One Guideline|ZS-Global Work Platform Zoho one suite is the only work platform for zs-global, we officially require you to use zoho one cloud to process your CRM, Inventory, Accounting and others. Login in zoho one: one.zoho.com.au APPs we can used in zoho one App Name description who can use options Zoho CRM Customer Management System …

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zoho books

Zoho Books Zoho books is accounting plus Zoho inventory, by default some functions in Zoho inventory is disabled, we can also enable if if necessary, the functions including: All functions in Zoho inventory Sales Estimate(Quotes) Banking Expense Tax Handle Finance Report The Sales Team and Accountant and Admin in ZS Global need to use Zoho …

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