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Taiwan NO.1 Solar Manufacturer

URE is  a solar and battery factory established in 2005, focusing on performance leading Solar cell and panel technology and international investment of solar utility,  with global production bases for total 3.6 GW capacity.

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Solar Cells
 being the world’s first solar company  to develop P-type PERC bifacial cell and N-type Hetero-Junction Technology (NHJT) cells, we are very proud of  the performance, the stability of our solar cells. 

Solar Panel
The solution of highest cost-efficiency by outstanding performance and reliability, and our solar modules was certificated by IEC(Europe), UL(U.S.A), MCS(England), VPC(Taiwan) see more

Solar Farm Investment
International investment to large-size solar farms.

Excellent Achievement

Total 40GW international shipment and 1.2GW shipment in 2019

ure solar farm

Solar Utilities
Since 2005, URE has been chosen to be suppliers or investors for lots of solar farms internationally including the world largest airport based solar farm in IND of the United America,  the world largest solar powered stadium in Kaohsiung Taiwan, and the largest solar utility in Caribbean, for more information about our achievement please see here.

Innovation Steered

7.4% of total revenue are invested for innovation to mark sure we are always leading new energy industry.

ure solar battery

 Battery solution  launched

be the only UL9540 certificated battery supplier in Taiwan, we have full energy storage solution for residential ,commercial and even your out door life. see more

ure moving power

Next Generation Hydrogen Powered Motor Bike Is Comming Soon

The world first Hydrogen powered moto bike  “Hero Generation Zero pollution” powered by combination of hydrogen and oxygen which generate water, see more

Excellent Service

Local Stock , Local  technical Support and multiple quality assurance for Australia 

To support Australia market, we has always hands-on stock for possible warranty claim, we use local electrician to help us on one-day replacement service, and we offer a  12-year product warranty  and 25 year performance warranty for our solar panel globally , even more you can upgrade your warranty to be insured by third party insurance company (munich insurance ,german), all of our panels can by insured by Munich insurance, see more or claim.

Global Trust

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